Ancelloti Quits! Leonardo the New AC Milan Coach!

Finally! Good Lord finally! Carlo Ancelloti and AC Milan have finally parted ways, about time I say. Actually no that is my anger over some of the ridiculous things Milan have done in recent times speaking.

Ancelloti, sits to next to his next in line, Leanardo
Ancelloti, sits to next to his next in line, Leonardo.

The newly appointed coach is a former Milan player and our now ex-sporting director Leonardo. A Brazilian responsible for bringing Milan’s finest players such as Kaka and Pato, and an exceptional football player in his time, Leonardo definitely has a football pedigree but not much to speak of in terms of coaching. This is in fact his first time being coach, and as most will very well know, a world class football player does not result in a world class coach. However as a fan I must lend my support to this call, it is a risk but Leonardo is built of exceptional character and as a Milan player I would certainly have much more faith in him then some distrusted and lacklustre outsider such as Marco Van Basten or Frank Rijkaard, the other major players who were touted for the Milan coaching position.

Carlo Ancelloti, I hate this guts. Undoubtedly he will be the number one commodity on the transfer market this summer however. Perhaps more valuable a target than Christiano Ronaldo or even Kaka, Chelsea and Real Madrid will go to the ends of the world to secure this sure fire winner of a coach. My anger against him stems from the fact that he abandoned the development on Yoann Gourcuff, two years ago he was one of the three or four french youngsters being touted as the next man on the Zinedene Zidane mantle alongside Samir Nasri and Franck Ribery. Today he single handedly carried an average UEFA Cup team, Bordeaux, to the top of the French League and storming in to the Champions League for next year… I love this man and look no further than the video below to see why.


I digress as I often do, Carlo Ancelloti is definitely not a man that develops youth talent. Apart from Kaka and Pato (both who were pressed and scouted by Leonardo by the way), Milan has had no resemblance of a fledging young gun population. Five years ago, Milan were that team of veterans, where nine out of the eleven starters were in their 30’s. Four years ago it was the same, and three years ago and two years and a year ago and now. Milan has not changed, and as a fan it has been frustrating to see Milan extend their “winning peak” year after year with a couple of twilighter additions. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Beckham… stars beyond their prime. None of which helped the core of the team in any significant away, apart from Beckham who impresses me day after day with his work rate. But that is just him, over the years Milan’s shopping list looks more like a patient list from a retirement home with the like’s of Vieri, Amoruso, Favalli and Oddo highlighting the transfers of recent years.

The time has finally come for change, Kaka has carried this team on his shoulders for four years now. I feel as though he has grown tired of Milan, that maybe he needs to move on. I would have been okay with that, had Milan brought back Yoann Gourcuff who would most definitely have brought another level of excellence to the team. But I suppose the next best thing is a new coach, a new vision and hopefully a fresh and championship hungry mentality. You have to understand something, everyone on that Milan team has won everything. The lineup is glittered with Champions League winners, World Cup winners, World Club Cup winners… the desire and heart to win more has been lost. I felt like I saw a very similar mentality in last weeks Champions League finals where I witnessed a gutless and heartless performance by Manchester United. None of those players gave a  s*** that they were losing, that they were about to lose, that they had lost. Barcelona came and played a run of the mill game by their standards and United hardly put up a fight. Pathetic.

A new coach should finally mean that the young excellent performers, no… performer by the name of Flamini can start taking center stage in that Milan midfield. It would have been a dream come true to see Gourcuff line up next to Kaka and Flamini as well but alas such things are too good for reality’s implementation. Leonardo needs a new squad, Milan need to invest in new talent starting with a new goalkeeper. I can not even begin to explain to you how sick I am of seeing the same three wheel chair bound retards that have swapped mitts over the past seven to eight years. Nelson Dida, Christian Abbiati and Zelko Kalac need to get the f*** outta here. The defense has begun anew with the acquisition of a strong center back in the form of Thiago Silva, the supporting cast of Felipe, Zambrotta, Bonera and Jankulovski will suffice. The midfield needs an injection of freshness, Milan must definitely look to acquire a high work rate midfielder akin to Essien. The old guard of Ambrosini, Pirlo, Gattuso and Seedorf are just that… the old guard. In the striking department, the bench is rather solid looking with the ever goal and idiocy infected Inzaghi around. A healthy Borriello is invaluable, he would be an international level center forward had he not been so unlucky with injuries. And Shevchenko… let’s not go there. The world class bound youngster Alexander Pato deserves a world class partner, not just in bed 😐 but also on the field. Him and Kaka have developed an excellent rapport, all that is missing between them is a definitive finisher the likes of Fernando Torres. I hope this does not mean that Milan go for a clumsy purchase like Adebayor or Luca Toni.

All in all, this is the beginning of a new Milan and nothing more. A new coach does not necessarily mean a new squad, but I feel like a revolution is needed. This squad has hanged on the curtails of Kaka for far too long, it needs a new dynamic and a new reason to be the best again. Being second best is not good enough, and the hunger to be the best will never be the same when you have already won everything.


2 Responses to “Ancelloti Quits! Leonardo the New AC Milan Coach!”

  1. Oj. Says:

    Yes i get you hate Ancelloti but don’t forget the CL titles and finals and Serie A trophies this guy gave you. The players might have been old shits but he got the most out of them and they enjoyed playing for him. I don’t get why you’re so against Van Basten and Rijkaard and call them mistrusted (not distrusted) outsiders when they each spent around 5 seasons at Milan doing the shit and revolutionising the game. Van Basten has proven to be mediocre…but easily prefer him over Leonardo.
    On another note, i’m glas Gourcuff didn’t return. This was perhaps Ancelotti’s biggest mistake. He didn’t show him enough trust and he paid the price for it. Either way, it difficult to achieve personal milestones in the stifling atmosphere of Serie A. He’s just won the league with Bordeaux, he’s got a great coach and he’s playing in CL.
    Ancelloti put Milan back in the spotlight you ungrateful shit face. It’s not his fault he makes due with the players he has. But you’re right. It’s time for a new squad. An overhaul. Starting with a strike partnership of Toni and Sheva 🙂

  2. Sodiq Says:

    I love AC Milan

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