New Playstation Portable – The PSP Go!


Technically word on the street was that there was a new PSP making its rounds behind closed doors, and that it would be officially announced at the E3 in Los Angeles this coming week. However, wise and beknown individuals gained accesss to the June episode of Sony’s monthly Playstation magazine known as Qore… and voila… the PSP Go!

Details are a bit murky, but at the offset it will be smaller than the PSP-3000 as well as being almost half as light. Plus there is a 16 GB Hard Drive on board and all kinds of promised mobility with Wi-Fi and blue tooth connectivity. Sync it up with your cell phone, laptop and what not for media sharing as well as use it with your PS3 as a remote control. This is an absoloutely brilliant feature which I will definitely invest in as a PS3 owner. With the PSP synced, you can turn on your PS3 from ANYWHERE in the world and access everything you have on your hard drive. Movies, games, tv shows and anything else… all you need is Wi-Fi connectivity and you are good to go. So technically with the PSP Go! you have your 16 GB hard drive on board, as well as a infinite bank hard drive sitting at home that you can access at any time through the internet. Superb, suck on that iPod.

Check out hi-res images of the PSP Go! after the break…

(credit to for the images)

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