Toon’s Review: Speed Racer – 9.5/10

Enjoy absurdity, because it has never looked so awesome. Oh and take your kids and younger siblings, make sure they are paying attention.


Let this not defeat you, nor phase you for that matter, Speed Racer is audaciously and foremost based upon a 1960’s anime depicting the future of racing and conglomeration. So excuse the imagination of humble minds some 50 years ago for making some absolutely absurd predictions about the future of automobile racing. That being said; commend them for depicting a moral tale of family over fame and fortune. That being an irrevocably relevant topic to today’s society where heart and soul have been defeated by finance and logos. This is a PG movie, and such by all constitutions this must have an important and positive message for our younger minds. And by God do the kid these days need some humility, apologies but that’s a conversation for another weekend.

But let’s ignore what sense of a story you may expect, and consider what 95% of Wachowski Brothers’ fans are going to watch this for… action-esque and visual splendor the likes of the Matrix and V For Vendetta before it. And this department it delivers a plethora of colours and seamlessly choreographed CGI / live action / thingy, I honestly don’t know how to describe the visual style of this movie. All I know is that you have never seen anything like it and most probably won’t again thanks to ripe old critical men blasting it for punishing their feeble minds. Alas, such the power of film critics these days. Cars slide around gravitationally challenged and architecturally maligned racing circuits and stadiums in a manner that no law of physics can depict, and if you just let it sink in, man it is beautiful. Oh and fear not, there is plenty of signature jujitsu fight scenes. One thing you must hand the Wachowskis’ and this was best said by another person, “there is time for talking and then there is time for fighting, they will never coexist”.

Go, Speed Racer go! What an outstanding and thoroughly entertaining piece of art this film is!
Go, Speed Racer go! What an outstanding and thoroughly entertaining piece of art this film is!

Excuse its basis, because above all else it is thoroughly faithful to its source material and this not something that should be criticized. Understand the target of its heartfelt story; it might definitely be something that doesn’t apply to you if you have aged past 18… But no doubt you should care about its effect. And above all respect its brilliance; art is redefined ever so rarely in our thoroughly experienced and rich history of life. So when it is, take it in as a sight to behold. (If you suffer from epilepsy, you should strongly considering skipping over this monument of art unless you have a death wish.)


I highly advise taking a peak at the trailer below, I certainly know it is the purpose of a trailer to sell even the most pathetic of movies… But in case you have never seen the mood of Speed Racer, it is definitely worth checking out.

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