E3 Day 1 Overload! Microsoft Natal! New Metal Gear Solid(s)!

Firstly, ALL of you need to see this Youtube video of Microsoft Natal… an unreal 3D motion sensing system that makes the Wii look like a shit stain on the proverbial list of recent scientific breakthroughs.

Moving on, I am going to make this quick because I am watching the finale of Breaking Bad (brilliant show by the way!)… For those of you not in the know, or not in the care for that matter…. Right now in Los Angeles, a very large gathering of the biggest companies in the electronic industry is taking place. Specifically this is called the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short).

Twitter here, and twit twit there and twit twit everywhere!
Twitter is taking over the world. Follower by follower.
Resurrecting The Beatles.
Resurrecting The Beatles.
Steven Spielberg! Announcing Milo in Jurassing Park 4 :| No, I'm kidding :|
Steven Spielberg! Announcing Milo in Jurassing Park 4 😐 No, I’m kidding 😐

Today was Day 1, and it belonged to Microsoft who had an almost two hour long exuberant press event setup with a massive stage, countless digital screens and an explosive sound system. Microsoft henchmen and executive officers of sorts took to the stage to announce some major tidbits. Facebook, Twitter, Zune and last.fm will all be incorporated in to the XBOX360 dashboard. Cool I guess but whatever, Playstation has a web browser for that s*** anyway. Microsoft announced some sequels like Forza 3, Halo 3: ODST, an all new Halo: REACH, Alan Wake (looks brilliant) and some other useless crap. The two big whoppers… first of all Metal Gear Solid is heading to the XBOX360. Those monkeys made it sound like an exclusive but it is not… Hideo Kojima, the maker of the Metal Gear series basically backstabbed his loyal supporters on the Playstation by sending this revered franchise multiplatform. This means that the next Metal Gear Solid game will appear on PS3, PC and XBOX360…

Second HUGE announcement, frankly rather bizarre and technically outstanding was the Microsoft Natal. It is a complete body, facial, depth and voice recognition system that in concept is surreal. I really do advise that you check out the video I posted above. It is honestly phenomenal if it actually works, from the chick trying out virtual dresses in real time to the absoloutely freaky Milo artificial intelligence… this really is the future. On the topic of Milo, that is some freaky ass shit my fellow bros and ladies… like I am talking about shitting a Boa Constrictor out of your ass freaky. Visions of the machine apocalypse definitely crossed my mind, an A.I. fully responding to human voice, actions and emotions is the beginning of the end my friends. Game over approaches.

The Devil... Trademarked to Microsoft.
The Devil… Trademarked to Microsoft.

What do you guys think of this? Sure Natal is cool but honest to God… Milo is crossing a huge philosophical line. Sound off on the comments section below!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with Sony and Nintendo’s announcements; they will be presenting their cajones and honestly they better have something big, because right now Microsoft is the talk of the town.

credit to http://www.cnet.com for the images

6 Responses to “E3 Day 1 Overload! Microsoft Natal! New Metal Gear Solid(s)!”

  1. g-house Says:


  2. toonstar Says:

    bizarre i think. milo is too much. im sure steven spielperg was impressed, if not responsible. its like his movies A.I. and Minority Report coming to life.

  3. toonstar Says:

    I wonder what milo would do if you went to shut off the xbox? 😐

  4. hey Says:

    you’re a fucking tool

  5. toonstar Says:

    Holy unnecessary hate words Badman 😐

  6. techwoo Says:

    E3 Day 1 Overload! Microsoft Natal! New Metal Gear Solid(s)! .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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