E3 Day 2! Sony Scores Big, Nintendo… erm.

That was a stellar presentation by Sony, I was truly blown away by some phenomenal videos games that have simply knocked the ball out of the stratosphere in terms of cinematic and graphical appeal. Considering the average person is not a gamer, I will highlight some of the technology on display today that will surely appeal to everyone.

Before I go on to the motion sensing craze, I wish to highlight the fantastic games on display today from Sony. Exclusive titles on the Playstation 3 simply do not compare to anything the XBOX can wag a stick at, and that was thoroughly demonstrated today through some mind blowing game footage. I honestly will let the videos do the talking, you really have to see it to believe it.

(Earnest word of advice, make sure when you click on these Youtube videos… that you watch them in HD or HQ (high quality) mode by clicking on the HD button on the bottom right of the player.)

Gran Turismo 5 – Unsurpassed realism and graphical quality, must see in HD.

Uncharted 2: Drake’s Fortune – Cinematic beast and the most epic graphics period, must must see in HD.

The original Uncharted in 2007 was one of the first games I played on the PS3 and it really invigorated memories from my childhood, where I would wake up every morning and my first thought would be continue playing so and so game. This game is a true swashbuckling adventure that I know even a number of friends enjoyed just sitting and watching, fantastic entertainment this  game is 🙂

Other Games Worth Mentioning…

God of War 3 – “The Playstation’s power utilized to its fullest in depicting a minotaur being gutted and its intestines spilling everywhere…”

MAG – Two hundred and fifty six player online battles! Yes, no more silly 32 players in Halo or 64 in Resistance 2… 256 players fighting one giant  death match live.

Final Fantasy 13Final Fantasy 14 – Never played Final Fantasy but apparently it is a big deal.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – This is the true next Metal Gear Solid sequel according to Hideo Kojima, who will be focusing his time on this game. It comes out on the new PSP Go! (which was also “officially” revealed today). So what Microsoft got yesterday was MGS: Rising, a so-so spin off game that will also come out on PC and PS3.

Moving on…

Sony had to follow up on the showing of some surreal Microsoft technology going by the name of Natal and the skynet baby Milo, by which standard it is easy to perceive Sony’s approach to Motion Control revealed today as being atrociously below par. There was a collective groan among the crowd as the engineers whipped out what can be best described as a magic wand, with a shiny star on the end and all that jazz. I strongly disagree with these groans, first of all what we saw as the design was merely an engineering prototype, it will look prettier come spring 2010. Secondly what we saw in Microsoft were mere scripted “videos” of technological possibility that I can guarantee is years and years away from perfection. Not even that, its implications on gaming are extremely silly, who the hell wants to sit on a couch and hold an imaginary wheel!? Then have their father, God bless, shout for a pit stop so said man can jump off the couch and drive his hands in to the air like an air drill. Preposterously silly, this is not even thinking about the definite delay in action-reaction on screen time which will make intense gaming extremely poor.

Sony’s approach is fantastic, and its application is truly on par to taking gaming towards virtual reality in a way that looks incredibly entertaining! I mean that is what all this is about, right? Nintendo did not really perfect 2D motion sensing but they certainly utilized and marketed  it brilliantly. Microsoft completely launched itself in to another dimension towards something which in theory is great, but as a gaming and interactive tool… will it be fun? Will it be functional and sustainable beyond a gimmick? In my eyes the next step is 3D motion sensing, and the answer to that was brought by Sony who showed off a fantastically entertaining tech demo:

Sony and Microsoft are both acting in a  reactive manner with this new push for motion sensing gaming, Nintendo has found huge profitability in it. However I find its critical success and sustainability extremely dubious, I am quite sure that the majority of those 20 million or so Wii’s are, and have been, sitting around gathering a lot of dust. Motion sensing gaming is a gimmick, it brings a very limited amount of amusement before it becomes tedious and old. Considering this, seeing what Sony and Microsoft brought to the table… Sony’s approach may have seemed a little silly at first, but it quickly sorted that out by showing some truly innovative and excellent gaming applications unlike Microsoft’s Natal which just seems like ‘something for the future’.

Oh I almost forgot about Nintendo! Or did I? …

credit to http://www.cnet.com and http://www.gamespot.com for the images)

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