The Best Burger, Ever.


I can’t help it, I must divulge and tell the people of the most legendary festivity that has entered my mouth this side of Hardees. In the little loved town of Burlington, approximately 40km south of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, lies the most luscious combination of meat and bread ye have ever been inspired to taste. Ye indeed my friend, for the place to find this dramatic prose of superfluous food is known as the Ye Olde Squires.

Ye what you say!? Yes it sounds like every other Irish pub/restaurant “wanna-be” around the world, but the moment you gaze your eyes upon its brilliantly clean posterior… a matte black screen with classically written “Ye Old Squires”… your curiosity will be stirred. How can there be an Irish pub that looks so “mod” and “metro”, as the kids on the wrong side of the road say these days, actually exist? As common consensus would have it these kind of restaurantés should have a dirty circular and senseless logo with the hideously inglorious pitcher of beer and an equally un-possible of a name. No friends, this is not of such things, this is of such great things!


Ye Fire! Beautiful homely scene in the middle of the dining area to look at while you are not catapulting a burger inside you.

As soon as you enter you will be greeted by the genuinely Irish manager or one of his many politely inclined hostesses. The decor is the definition of sublime comfort, for those of the alcoholically motivated, a left turn after the entrance will take you to your due diligence. As for the rest more fevered towards a magnanimous feast, we turn right in to an awesomely comfortable looking decor. Dim lighting, wood and stone finishes on a wall plastered with shiny LCD’s playing the finest sports action from across the pond. You will find no silly rug-a-tug touchy feebly figure skating with sticks type of sports here, only the finest of England’s Premiership Football and the gentleman’s sport in Rugby. I almost forgot about the real stone fireplace in the middle of the dining area, classic.


As classy as they come. Clean and suave place for a legendary burger.

Now to the meat of the issue, the burger. I have eaten here many times, seen many dishes go by hither and dither but I can never make myself veer away from that burger in fear of missing out on a legend. Oh that lovely lavish meat smothered with a light cheddar cheese and careened with a mountain of sauteed mushrooms. Oh what joy, and I know what kind of cajones a good burger is truely made of. These hand made fresh patties hold a world of excellence inside them, perfectly tender and purely tasteful! Every super hero needs a solid side kick, and our patty has some superb back up in the thick yet airy sesame seed bun that accompanies it. It truly feels fresh and custom made to support the hero within. Not too mushy, and not too weak and crumbly either.  Be warned though, the serving size is not for the faint of heart, literally. You will be served with more fries or salad than you can wiggle your fork at. You must try this, you must see how incredible this burger is.

Rare breaks away from the feast at hand, looking around shows the same fantastic quality and satisfaction around the place. At some point, I must surely make myself try some other dishes but for the foreseeable future I highly doubt I will be able to resist that champion of a burger. The prices are spot on too, if not a tad bit cheaper than the disgusting excuse of mass produce in Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza. The serving size guarantee satisfaction and, for most people, have enough to pack home for some yummies for the day after as well.

There are two locations for Ye Olde Squires, this is a testament to the chef and manager at the humble Burlington locality. There is another location in Hamilton, but a quick glance at the online menu show’s a different burger in that neck of the woods. Namely one without the careened mushrooms, deal breaker in my opinion. Point stands, if you are anywhere near the GTA… trot your way down the QEW and right off the Walker’s Line exit awaits you a bundle of unmatched excellence. Wow, I am hungry.

Ye Old Squires

3537 Fairview Street, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 2R4

Click here to see a map.

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5 Responses to “The Best Burger, Ever.”

  1. Gunner Says:


  2. toonstar Says:

    Mujir’s joke!

  3. g-house Says:


  4. toonstar Says:

    These have to be the most constructive comments I have ever seen. Gimli !!

  5. indra dwi Says:

    amazing……..i like burger…..delecious

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