Toon’s Take: A Look Back at the Israel & Palestine Conflict

I wrote this six months ago, but never published it. A fear of over-exposed opinions, anger, blind apathy or a lack of rationale among the general population at the time obliged me to keep these views to myself.

There is no such thing as unbiased news, end of the day its reported by someone who feels a certain way. Everything you hear is someones’ opinion. So here is mine…

There’s a number of things that have happened in the past few weeks that should make your heart sink. So many people have died, and no one has done anything to stop it. Whether it be the United States, whom we should obviously not expect any form of peace and love from. Or it be the new United States with Obama, vaunted as the change the world needed. He has said nothing. Nothing. Hi5 to all who made the presidency of such a pivotal nation in the world in to a popularity contest. This massacre has further gone to prove that the United Nations are pathetic. Just a bunch of imbecile democrats wearing suits with a flag on their desk.

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The Arab nations are divided and selfish, none of them have the courage or care to voice their opinion in saving Gaza. None of them possess any kind of reasonable group of men and machinery that can even remotely be considered a military. What they do posses is the financial capability to rescue 1.5 million Palestinians by giving them food, water and a roof over their heads, with enough money left over to still construct another 50 solid gold palaces for their bottomless egos.  Lest we forget about the militias, militants, terrorists and whatever the hell they call themselves these days, namely Bin Laden. ..Where are they now when a ‘Muslim’ nation needs ‘warriors’? Not so tough now eh, when you are not bombing civilians. The agendas of these pathetic militias are another argument completely.

Israel… to pass judgment on their existence as a nation is futile. So much blood has been spilled on this land. The Jews, Muslims and Christians can all lay claim to Jerusalem at various times over the past 2000 years or so. A quick read in to history books will show you that this war has happened countless times before as the throne of Jerusalem shifts from religion to religion. Entire populaces have been massacred, over and over again. I digress.

Hamas… are pathetic. Soulless bastards, claiming a war for God that they have no sense of dignity or honour to fight with. Israel is a behemoth, yes they have occupied your lands… yes they have killed scores of civilians from your nation. But this… this is how you fight back? Blindly rocketing their cities? For what? For what you fools? So you give the beast a  good excuse to crush your innocent men, women and children that just want survive a barely livable life. A struggling and starving population you swore to protect. Sure Isreal put a blockade on your minimal borders, but instead of smuggling in food and agriculture for your nation, you smuggle in weapons and ammunition. The leaders of Hamas are a bunch of politicians, sitting in five-star hotels in Damascus blasting baseless propaganda swearing they will fight back. Swearing a victory for Palestine. If you are so righteous, you should be down there with the poor men who have taken arms to fight for the families they have lost over the last 70 years. If you were to be so righteous you would be standing on the road to Gaza, with a nation worth fighting for standing behind you. But no, you are weak… pathetic and politically shafted, mentally devoid of any honour, strategy or intelligence to fight a war for a nation that is dying.

Israel… what scares me the most, is how someone can kill so many people and not even care. Not even flinch a muscle at the thought of it. All in self-defence, right? Someone punches you on your face, you respond by taking a sledge hammer to his mother, his father, his daughter and then finally to the man that punched you. I do not care what anyone says, what Israel has done is completely unacceptable and they are pompous morons if they for a second think this will go unpunished. There will come a time when the hate against them will unite, and it is at that point that many, many more people will die. It does not matter what Hamas has done to you, this is unacceptable. Here is  a nation that has rejected the “verbal” calls of many respectable countries around the world to stop the massacre of a civilization. Israel has rejected the UN Security Council… Hardly a surprise but it is the principal of their rejection that is alarming. Israel is blatantly becoming a rogue nation, with selfish objectives and complete disregard for the global community. Here is a nation that is, on the surface anyway, fed up. And in this, they have acted like any bully with a limitless amount of power and empowerment in its military would. It took action and decimated its enemy. Israel is wrong in how, slightly more than what, they have done, and no one in the world stopped them.

Who is in the right? ultimately and initially, The leaders of Hamas are a bunch of hypocritical selfish monkeys. They have absolutely no right to attack cities in Israel. Israel’s demonic display of power is unjustifiable by any means, and they will suffer the consequences. The difference here is, Israel in their mentality… is satisfied. So lest we turn to Hamas, the Taleban and Hezbollah… and what they fight for. God, is it? Last I recall, The war for God was fought with considerable amount of honour by the likes Salahhuddin and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It is clearly and undeniably stated in Islamic teachings, don’t you dare raise your sword to someone who does not raise one back to you. Don’t you dare. It is utterly and completely wrong. I do not care what you’ve experienced or what other people do to you, if you fight for God, you fight for righteousness with the honour that the men before you have fought with. If a man walks in to your home, kills your mother and your father. What do you do? What has Islam taught you to do? Do you walk in to his house, kill his mother, kill his father and then let him suffer the same fate you must suffer? This is what we would all do right? I mean, it is human nature. Vengeance, anger and greed go hand in hand. But no… the second you declare yourself to fight a war for God, then by God you better fight by his laws other wise you are no better than the scum that annihilated your family. I do not care what your intentions are, revenge is not even an option to consider.

Patience and faith. Revenge is stated in the Qu’ran over and over and over again as being one of the worst sins. Yet that is what these people do. Israel occupied your lands, they hurt your people. In your act of rigteous war and defiance, in return you attack and kill their civilians? Why? What is the point… sure many people have said, What do you want us to do? Israel is crushing us, do we sit here and let them walk all over us? Yes, you do.

If you know, that you are sincere in your plea for sovereignty, for a functioning country, then yes you stop fighting and hope the world takes note and people come and help you stand on your feet again.

If you know, that if you fight back… Israel will continue their war to crush you. Then yes you stop fighting. You have no right to sacrifice your family, your people for a war they do not want to be a part of. You have no right to put them in the line of fire. You have no right to fight a war that you can not and do not have the capacity to win. Stop, let Israel continue their war… Pray that the world wakes up and sees the destruction they have caused. Stop the bloodshed. It doesn’t matter what Israel has done, Hamas has the capability to take away the reason, the very small reason, that Israel has to wage war. It is a matter of someone being the bigger man, so to speak, and just stopping fighting for the sake of all the children that have died. The thousands suffering in hospitals without any medication for the pain. The million people left without food, water, homes and electricity. Isreal is definitely not the bigger man, they are completely oblivious to the demonic onslaught of pain and destruction they have handed out. Why should they care? Being selfish is what makes you successful. However, being successful does not make you right. The Muslim world should care less about Israel being wrong, and care more about us being right. Plain and simple, Hamas’ arrogance will be the end of the people in Gaza.


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