AC Milan’s Squad and Transfer Policy

… Or lack thereof. I’ve been a Milan “fan” for a fairly long time, and I have complained for a very long time about a lot of things. Primarily it was Carlo’s repetitive yet successful overall style of football, but that has now been fixed (or more correctly been changed) at long last with the appointment of Leonardo. This for now is probably a bad thing, I highly doubt this rookie coach can formulate a winning team from the get-go but stranger things have happened. Ancelloti is a legendary coach and was great for Milan, I know, but I am simply bored of “his” Milan so I welcome this new flavour with open arms. This has come at the cost of losing Milan’s sole reason for being a respectable team in the past three or four years,  this loss  would be the world class man Ricardo Kaka. Also, staple and legendary leader Paolo Maldini has  called time on his career, leaving a gaping leadership  hole in the defense.

Kaka and Maldini, Milan saviour's no more. Beckham, one of the best work rates in world football, it will be nice to see him come back to Milan in December.

Kaka and Maldini, Milan saviour's no more. Beckham, paid $10m out of his own pocket to play for Milan. Great guy, great work rate.

There has been a lot of hodge podge about Milan’s transfer policy, I for one completely despise their unbelievably cheap antics highlighted by that fudged Cissokho deal. I think Milan are being stupid with their targets and cheap asses in general, but then I came across this brilliant little editorial that put a little bit of faith back in my heart. I highly recommend checking it out, short and sweet…

Milan has become a cast of misfits… Clarence Seedorf with an ego so big it could fit in those gargantuan pieces of meat he calls his buttocks and thighs. Giussepe Favalli who is quickly becoming the next Alessandro Costacurta, just sits around on the bench aging like rotten cheese then comes in for a swiff of action everyone now and then. Alessandro Nesta, once a legend now a walking pile of bandages and bruises barely going two days without injury. Kakha Kaladze, yes the Georgian is still in the building. Wikipedia has the rest covered:

No. Position Player
1 Flag of Brazil GK Dida
4 Flag of Georgia (country) DF Kakha Kaladze
7 Flag of Brazil FW Alexandre Pato
8 Flag of Italy MF Gennaro Gattuso (vice-captain)
9 Flag of Italy FW Filippo Inzaghi
10 Flag of the Netherlands MF Clarence Seedorf
11 Flag of Italy FW Marco Borriello
12 Flag of Italy GK Christian Abbiati
13 Flag of Italy DF Alessandro Nesta
14 Flag of Uruguay MF Mathías Cardacio
15 Flag of Italy DF Gianluca Zambrotta
16 Flag of Australia GK Željko Kalac
18 Flag of the Czech Republic DF Marek Jankulovski
19 Flag of Italy DF Giuseppe Favalli
No. Position Player
20 Flag of Uruguay FW Tabaré Viudez
21 Flag of Italy MF Andrea Pirlo
23 Flag of Italy MF Massimo Ambrosini (captain)
25 Flag of Italy DF Daniele Bonera
33 Flag of Brazil DF Thiago Silva
36 Flag of Italy DF Matteo Darmian
44 Flag of Italy DF Massimo Oddo
77 Flag of Italy DF Luca Antonini
80 Flag of Brazil MF Ronaldinho
84 Flag of France MF Mathieu Flamini
Flag of Italy MF Ignazio Abate
Flag of Italy MF Davide Di Gennaro
Flag of the United States DF Oguchi Onyewu

Promptly, all three keepers are bumbling buffoons. The defense apart from the unproven Thiago Silva and the always efficient Zambrotta are too old, too average, often injured or a combination of all three. The midfield has been exactly the same for the best part of the last nine years, three all round holding midfielders crowned by a trequartista where first there was Rui Costa, then Kaka took over and now Ronaldinho is handed the baton. I hope he can resurrect himself, previous years have been a steady downhill for the man.

Fair enough, change has come through the revolving door on that critical position but regarding the three holding midfielders, absoloutely nothing has happened. Gattuso, Seedorf, Ambrosini and Pirlo have continuously plied their trade. Change is necessary here, Milan need to put speedy, hard and inventive legs back in their midfield. Ambrosini is neither good nor bad but Seedorf is thoroughly awful. Gattuso has lost all his tenacity with his age and considering he never had any skill to begin with, his footballing career is over. Pirlo, he’s getting weaker and slower by the day but his vision remains world class so he is the only salvageable part of this “old guard”. Unfortunately he is the only one of this gang that will certainly be sold before the next season starts.

Flamini is great, and I hope he finally gets his due under Leonardo by becoming a regular starter. Unfortunately Ambrosini has been announced as the captain of A.C. Milan, meaning one less spot for one of the most versatile young midfielders in the world. That reminds me, o yee Yoann Gourcuff.  How Milan will massively regret letting go of someone who I swear will be a World Footballer of the Year very soon. Is it really that absurd for Milan to consider getting someone like Rafael Van Der Vaart? Suddenly you could have a midfield with Flamini, Pirlo/Ambrosini, Van Der Vaart behind Ronaldinho and now you’re talking business. A midfield like that supporting Pato and Borriello would be excellent.

Van Der Vaart, an extremely talented young man no longer needed at Real Madrid. He could be purchased for $12-15m easily.

Van Der Vaart, an extremely talented young man no longer needed at Real Madrid. He could be purchased for $12-15m easily.

On to the strikers, Inzaghi is a gold nugget on the bench. Possibly the least skilled footballer on the planet, yet somehow he still scores goals without fail every year. Quite amazing to be honest. Pato, world class calibre and just 19, Milan need to hold on to this diamond with dear life as he will be the team very soon. Borriello, a very solid striker with a work rate off the charts, I absoloutely adore this man and if he stays healthy this year then he will contribute a lot. Now that key fourth striker position is what Milan’s transfer policy is all about this summer. The want Fabiano (excellent) now, but previously wanted Dzeko, Huntelaar (potentially world class both of them) and Adebayor (utter garbage) until they we’re scared away by large transfer fees.

All of these strikers are fine at the end of the day, but what worries is me that they are all that Milan want but it is far from what they need. Milan desperately need a new goal keeper, they could really use a left sided wing back to replace the deteriorating Jankulovski but most imperatively they need a powerful young and inventive midfielder. Gattuso, Ambrosini, Seedorf and even Pirlo simply will not suffice. If Milan fail to acquire talent in this department then I guarantee they will fail this year.

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3 Responses to “AC Milan’s Squad and Transfer Policy”

  1. bobbygee Says:

    Lets hope it will be better than you think. They sign the USA Kid. this should help Bobby Gee…Check out my blog

    • toonstar Says:

      Onyewu? He is a very solid defender, but again I don’t find him to be Champions League caliber… and considering he’s 27 do you really think he has the potential build his game? To be honest he should get all the game time to do so, considering:

      – Nesta has pretty much one leg left
      – Bonera has not grown in to the potential he supposedly had and is very error prone.
      – Kaladze should has absolutely no confidence left in his game and his marking is disastrous on set pieces.
      – Favalli is… everything Maldini is not.

      Milan are just asking to be destroyed with a defence that is solely dependent on Thiago Silva stepping up to fill Maldini’s ever consistent shoes.

      Onyewu will get his time, but I doubt he will be anything more than another Senderos… Which is not a bad thing, if Silva is great than I can see Onyewu being an ample partner with him in the center.

  2. samatar Says:

    im acmilan fan and i lkie acmilan but buy selling kaka can acmilan replace by frank ribary or gerade.

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