Justin Timberlake as The Green Lantern!?

Yes, you can grab your Backstreet Boys CD’s and start hurling them at the screen. THR is reporting that boy-band-sensation-turned-captain-cool-guy Justin Timberlake is screen testing as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern for the upcoming 2011 adaptation of one of DC Comics most powerful superheroes. Also in the pot for the role is Bradley Cooper from ‘The Hangover’ fame and the ever brilliant Ryan Reynolds. The film is going to be directed by Martin Campbell, the man responsible for delivering the impeccable ‘Casino Royale’. With a budge of over $150 million, I have very high hopes that a man as gritty and sensible as Campbell will deliver a great film.

And coming up on your left hand side is a p****, and on your right is the opposite of a p****

And coming up on your left hand side is a p****, and on your right is the opposite of a p****

Hal Jordan is not exactly a nice guy, and he’s not a small guy either. At one point in his story arc he became a supervillian and carried out a number of not-nice massacres. Justin Timberlake is a cool dancer and all, plus he likes to sing like a woman in some of his songs… both could be cool traits for Hal Jordan to have (sarcasm). However, Justin is a tiny man, he is incapable of being taken seriously as an angry man and most crucially he is not an acting man. Moving on, I am a great admirer of Ryan Reynolds. He is a scene stealer, but with his commitment to developing a Deadpool film (a character from the recent Wolverine X-Men film), I see no credibility in this casting rumour. There is no chance he will be involved in two superhero franchises. Plus, Reynolds is a very cute looking man (no homo) and just looking at him makes you want to smile. Not something you want with Hal Jordan.

That leaves Bradley Cooper who would be my preference… In terms of appearance he is absolutely perfect fit for Hal Jordan. In terms of demeanor, he is also the perfect sardonic type to play the gruff and some what despondent Hal Jordan especially in his younger days. He is a great leader in the comic book story arcs now, and considering this I can see a lot of depth if they choose to make a trilogy out of Green Lantern (just look up the the critical and financial success of ‘The Sinestro Wars’ and ‘Blackest Night’ and you’ll see how popular this story line is).

The four Green Lanterns of Earth from left to right; Guy Gardner, Kyle Rauner, Hal Jordan and John Stewart

The four Green Lanterns of Earth from left to right; Guy Gardner, Kyle Rauner, Hal Jordan and John Stewart

I love Green Lantern, those of you in the know might have heard of comic book writer Geoff Johns and his recent resurrection of Hal Jordan to much critical praise. There is a great story here with some brilliant characters and very cool super power concepts. Those of you not in not in the know, I refer you to the omniscient Wikipedia:

“Each Green Lantern possesses a power ring that gives the user great control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower and strength to wield it. The rings worn by all Lanterns were technological creations of the Guardians of the Universe, who granted such rings to worthy candidates. These individuals made up the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.”

On Hal Jordan:
Harold “Hal” Jordan is a fictional character, a DC Comics superhero. He is the second Green Lantern and the first human ever inducted into the Green Lantern Corps and founding member of the Justice League of America.

Controversy erupted among comic book readers in 1994 when Hal Jordan was turned into the supervillain Parallax to boost sales and promote the new Kyle Rayner as the only Green Lantern.

Jordan underwent a number of further changes in the 1990s including dying and later returning as a new incarnation of The Spectre. Hal Jordan returned to the role of Green Lantern in 2004’s Green Lantern: Rebirth miniseries and is currently the protagonist of the current volume of Green Lantern.”

Green Lantern is obviously not as infamous as Batman or Superman, so marketing the character might be a priority for the producers. From that angle I can see the sensibility in attaching someone like Justin Timberlake to the project. This would certainly come at the cost of sacrificing quality, I guarantee you Bradley Cooper is infinitely more fit for this role. ‘Iron Man’ was not a huge deal, but quality casting and a brilliant film scorched that film to supreme success. Superhero movies will always get attention, you do not need to attach a bloody pop-star to it. Then again, when was the last time someone gave a s*** about quality in Hollywood.

credit to ACIN for the original story and http://www.slashfilms.com for the images

10 Responses to “Justin Timberlake as The Green Lantern!?”

  1. g-house Says:

    you know very well that he’s from nsync and not backstreet boys, don’t front.

  2. toonstar Says:

    I wanna throw MY Backstreet Boys CD’s on the screen because Timberlake is going to be a superhero soon, and not my boy Nick Carter šŸ˜ Not my boy AJ, Brian and Kevin, and that fifth resident homo.

  3. g-house Says:

    i thought AJ was the homo..

  4. toonstar Says:

    AJ was my favourite, he should play Kyle Rayner…. Bryan can play Sinestro!

  5. Lanna Says:

    Didn’t the Backstreet Boys already DO the superhero thing in a comic book created by Stan Lee from Nick Carter’s drawings of the Boys YEARS ago? Poor Justin Timberlake-how EMBARRASSING to actually be doing it for real….

  6. toonstar Says:

    Hey good point! Yay Bboys! šŸ˜

    Poor Timberlake!? Because doing a $150 million project with the director of Casino Royale really is a dent on his resume…

    Well, there is still some semblance of sense left in Hollywood… As of midnight yesterday Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed as Hal Jordan.

  7. Nevermind, Ryan Reynolds confirmed as Green Lantern « Popcorn, Coke, and The Toon Says:

    […] Justin Timberlake, Martin Campbell, Ryan Reynolds trackback There is a God. After frightful news yesterday that homo sensation Justin Timberlake was one of the three candidates screen testing for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green […]

  8. Female Ninja Says:

    anything JT does is just pure heaven

    • toonstar Says:

      He is a heavenly young man, great musician, strong but very unaccomplished actor. As ‘Green Lantern’? I would rather have metallic spoon with a green grip play the Green Lantern.

      And Nick Carter is better šŸ˜

  9. Not Impressed Says:

    I agree with Female Ninja!! =)

    And Mr. Toon, I recall you wanting to dance like Justin. Yes?

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