Nevermind, Ryan Reynolds confirmed as Green Lantern

There is a God. After frightful news yesterday that homo sensation Justin Timberlake was one of the three candidates screen testing for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern film, last night it was semi-confirmed that Ryan Reynolds had won out after much debate between producers and director. Backstreet Boy fans, rejoice!

Good choice.
Good choice.

My personal choice for the role was Bradley Cooper of ‘Alias’ and ‘The Hangover’ fame, I was convinced that Reynolds was devoted to his ‘Deadpool’ spinoff plans. There is no doubt that he is the finest and most versatile actor out of the three, well two, Justine hardly counts as a male or an actor. Physically Reynolds is a beast and will look defintely look the part, checking out his performance in ‘The Nines’ shows that he definitely able to play the part as well. It’s all down to how director Martin Campbell utilizes him. We’ll see in two years time, damn that is far.

The script of the film ‘Green Lantern‘ follows the original ‘Emerald Dawn’ origin story of Hal Jordan and may possibly include a cameo from Clark Kent, yes that is Superman. Also Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Sinestro, Kilowog and Abin Sur are all expected to make appearances. The writers of the script are best known for their television credentials (‘Eli Stone’ & ‘Everwood’) as well as some forays in to comic book writing. The film is being directed by Martin Campbell, best known for revitalizing James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’. Scheduled for release June 17th, 2011… ‘Green Lantern’ has a budget of $150 million dollars and will be filming in Sydney, Australia.

Check out the original story here.

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3 Responses to “Nevermind, Ryan Reynolds confirmed as Green Lantern”

  1. SRK Says:

    ryan reynolds will sooooo pull off this role! cant wait!!

  2. toonstar Says:

    He looks the part perfectly, but nothing in his resume suggests he could ever sound the part. Hal Jordan is not a wise guy, funny man sort of thing that Reynolds naturally plays.

    He is a great actor, best out of the short list no doubt so I’m sure he can adjust himself and be excellent.

  3. TaImur Says:

    I was a lil iffy abt him in X-Men..but i hope he pulls through here, he needs to 🙂

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