A Public Apology for deriding Star Wars

I would like to apologize for rating ‘Star Wars’ a paltry 1/10…

After some words from Ebert, I feel I was harshly biased and in an inappropriate position to pass judgement on it. I was never exposed to its wonders and groundbreaking imagination as a child, in fact the first of ‘Star Wars’ I ever saw was ‘The Phantom Menace’. Which to be honest I loved and would still consider to be my favourite ‘Star Wars’ film…

That point right there is a testament to the films and my mistake exactly, I’m sure if my first exposure to this saga was with the original films then I would have been equally, if not more, impressed with its excellence in creativity. ‘Star Wars’ is the reason the science-fiction cinema and storytelling has flourished. It just that after ‘Phantom Menace’, the original trilogy just felt magnanimously lackluster and cheap.

After reviewing ‘Godfather’ this weekend, I will take a humble look back at ‘Star Wars’ as it deserves. ‘Lord of the Rings’ is still infinitely better, however.


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