Natalie Portman cast in ‘Thor’ as Jane Foster

Thanks to for the heads up, I’ve just read that Natalie Portman has been confirmed for the role of Jane Foster in the upcoming ‘Thor’ film by Marvel. To be honest, Marvel just keeps hitting all the right notes year in and year out. Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr. were inspired and sublime choices in their respective roles as ‘Tony Stark/Iron Man and ‘Bruce Banner/Hulk’ respectively. Marvel plans on continuing their countdown to what is quickly shaping up to be the defining super-hero epic in ‘The Avengers’ slated for 2012. In 2010 we will seeIron Man 2 continue onwards with the possibility of a rumoured tie-in with Hulk in that film. Further ahead for 2011 ‘Thor‘ is taking shape beautifully well, soon we should be hearing about The First Avenger: Captain Americaas well since it also slated for summer 2011. All of this will culminate in 2012 with the aforementioned ‘The Avengers ‘.

Great casting, in looks and demeanour.
Great casting, in looks and demeanour.

So ‘Thor’, to be honest I have been quite skeptical about what an adaptation of this would be like. Somehow Norse God from a netherworld with long blonde hair outfitted in a viking costume wielding an enormous hammer of all things, does not exactly sound audience friendly. I keep picturing “Fabio” wearing a viking helmet with a matching skirt, running around with a rubber hammer. This latest bit of news quells those fears quite a bit for me, Natalie Portman is a brilliant actress who impresses thoroughly with every single role she takes. She is a very involved and sensible woman when it comes to her work, and it should represent solace for fans of ‘Thor’ and Marvel that Portman would only have joined if the script and project were going to be excellent. She will be playing the character of Jane Foster, who is a devoted nurse and Thor’s first love.

With this and previous casting news for the film, I am gaining faith that Marvel and director Kenneth Branagh will successful humanize this story. The rest of casting is filled up with Thor being played by Chris Hemsworth (he was the father of James Kirk at the beginning of the Star Trek film), and Tom Hiddleston cast as the villain Loki.

For more info on the film check out its page here.
‘Thor’ is currently slated for a May 20th 2011 release with filming beginning as early as January 2010.

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