Toon’s Blu-Ray Review: TMNT – 7/10

“Why do ninja’s love smoke pellets?”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Oh how long has it been since those wonderful days I would be shouting “Heroes in a half shell, Turtle power!” every morning. Okay I wasn’t that sociopathic but I, as most other children during late 80’s and early 90’s, grew up with those brotherly four turtles and their ever wise sensei, a rat! Aside from Michelangelo being responsible for making pizzas my favourite food (similar to how Popeye made me eat spinach), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were really cool cartoons with a great cast of villains to go along with the ride. With that we come to ‘TMNT’… does it have lots of pizzas? No, does it have the coolest villain of the 90’s in Shreddar? No, does it have the iconic theme song and anything to do with those amazing cartoons? No, nothing at all, ‘TMNT’ might as well stand for Tomato Munching Nugget Traffickers.

The Gang pose for a shot, Shredder never got the memo.

The Gang pose for a shot, Shredder never got the memo.

This review is heading down a negative slope, but to be honest and surprisingly, the negativity ends there. This was a very cool movie, no other adjective for it. For those familiar with the ‘TMNT’ lore will know that it revolves around four turtles and their sensei who were accidentally mutated a long, long time ago… the sensei’s genes mixed with a rat’s whilst the genes of four turtles mixed with humans’. All in all this resulted in a family of ninjas that fight the evil foot clan of ninjas led by the sensei’s  life long rival named Shredder. ‘TMNT’ picks up years after Shredder has been defeated and finds the brothers divided with nothing to do, however an event occurs revolving around some ancient warriors and intergalactic monstrosities that simply serve to unite these gang of brothers and reignite their purpose to be heroes. Silly story, but what else could you possibly expect four ninja turtles led by a rat to deal with?

Where this film succeeds is in its excellent execution, watching the film on Blu-Ray was an absolute treat that exemplified gorgeously detailed animations and rendering bringing to life these infamous four ninja turtles like never before. The accompanying soundtrack was astutely uplifting and ‘ass-kicking’ at best, supporting some greatly choreographed fight scenes, which mind you there are plenty of. The characters themselves are covered with great moral values and by the end of the film come around to serve a great family oriented lesson that I would want to share with my younger kinship. More of this is what the kids need to be influenced by, and less of  the “Michael Bay” plodder of psychopathic pornography feathered with MTV capitalism.

As a child or an adult, this movie is highly recommendable popcorn affair. Surprisingly entertaining characters with continuous dashes of creative fight scenes keep the film moving along briskly in its short and effective running time of 87 minutes. I feel like this movie stands out as a good movie simply because it never slows down to the point where you have to think about what is actually going on. And it is best I don’t either, good movie, great values.

What did you think of the movie?


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