Toon’s Review: Moon – 8/10

Thoughtful yet brisk, ‘Moon’ has classic science fiction piece written all over it. Sam Rockwell delivers an exemplary performance(s) worthy of a golden statue that is very much overdue in his name.

Sam Rockwell, already preparing to hold an Oscar in his hand.

What a little twisted gem of film. A very rare and idea impending science fiction film enthralled in human emotions that keeps lingering on the edge but maintains its poise perfectly. Hard to find, impossible to find in fact so I can be very sure of the fact that hardly anyone who reads this review has seen ‘Moon’. A limited release film that has been making rounds around the various festivals that span our  globe from Venice to Sundance, this infatuating film has been garnering every kind of positive attention and respect. So, I really wanted to know what all the fuss was about, and I am so glad I did.

Home is far, far away.
Home is far, far away.

‘Moon’ is a film set well within our Earthly time lines, but nothing precise, describing a world in which the energy crisis had simmered to its apex, and at the peak of human desperation clean fuel was finally discovered… on the moon. The discoverers’ of this divine solution of course infected it with corporatism and developed bases on the moon to harvest the energy. Enter Sam Bell, played epically by Sam Rockwell, a man approaching the last few days of his three year contract in which he was required to inspect and maintain the automation of the moon base. For company, Sam has the curiously friendly resident robot named GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey) trolling about, and occasionally he has the chance to send and receive video messages to his wife and daughter back home. There are no live communication feeds however, something which plays on our protagonist. Being alone for three years all alone is a daunting task and can shape a man in phenomenal ways, such develops a mystery and a mind wrenching plot in ‘Moon’. We are enveloped in Sam Bell’s emotions as he begins to lose his tangible grip on reality, soon discovering the implausibilities in his surroundings, the uneasy feeling that something just is not right. And of course it is not, or is it?

What's GERTY up to?
What’s GERTY up to?

This film is a character piece, and such a brilliant one at that. Sam Rockwell delivers his performance with such depth that it makes it so easy to comprehend his nature. Without giving much away, Sam is creatively more than one character in the film, and almost patronizingly different yet he handles each of his mood sets so effectively. Duncan Jones was a complete unknown before ‘Moon’, more and more over the past few months his name is making the rounds in every big Hollywood studio and it is blatantly obvious why once you this film. The cinematography is so small scaled yet so precise, but the most impressive feat of this film is how well Jones handles the portrayal of Sam Bell. And again I just can not describe it because it would defeat the purpose of discovering what this film is truly about.

Thinking about ‘Moon’ is very satisfying, just because there is a lot to think about. GERTY was a very interesting little digital monkey, and it was almost perplexing trying to understand its mentality through out the film. It at times does things at the behest of Sam’s mental state, yet at times when Sam was in utter distress it placed a literal comforting arm on his shoulder and even cared to offer some warm food… with the after thought to ask if he wanted some extra hot sauce on it. Usually all these robots have something quite underlying and sinister programmed in to them and their voice, but GERTY’s occasionally polarizing behavior possibly exemplifies the most accurate A.I. ever seen on film. After you this movie, just think to yourself the one line GERTY keeps saying when he is questioned… “I’m here to help you, Sam”.

This piece of writing is just another one of the many, many positive reviews ‘Moon’ is respectably garnering in its corner. I expect its positive word of mouth will result in a very healthy DVD/Blu-Ray outing for this film when it finally makes its wonders available to the wider world. Duncan Jones has cemented himself in to stardom following this, and the ever brilliant Sam Rockwell is well over due an Oscar nomination at the least after his countless punctuating performances. If his career has been a long and bold vertical line… then this film is the defining powerful dot in the exclamation mark that is this man.

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