Michael Vick Returns

To The Jags?

Hot on the press is the return of Michael Vick to the NFL… he has been reinstated as a player, as expected, with some conditions. Regardless, the real drama begins now as we must wait and see which team chooses to snap him up and the bag of PR that will come attached. Vick has not played a game since December 2006, so he definitely needs some time but everyone knows how talented he is… the potential down the road in signing Vick is biblical.

Michael Vick at the Atlanta Falcons before his arrest and conviction on charges of hosting "illegal dog fighting rings".

Michael Vick at the Atlanta Falcons before his arrest and conviction on charges of hosting "illegal dog fighting rings".

Here is a really good article about Michael Vick as a whole and his possible destinations:


I am a through and through Jaguars fan, and I would like to see Vick at Jacksonville. Not for the absurd Wild Cat formation that is all the rage these days, but because I want to actually watch Jaguars’ games on TV. As it stands now, there is an immense chance that every single Jacksonville home game will be blacked out. Bringing in Vick will generate a lot of buzz, and this means tickets, which means the Jaguars will be back on the radar. No question about this. The counter argument is a big one however, and that is the character issue that the Jags new boss “Clean” Gene might not be to savvy with. I don’t think Vick is a liability in the locker room the likes of Terrel Owens or ‘Pacman’ Jones are, and I don’t think he is the kind of liability Plaxico Burress is off the field. Vick says he’s a changed man, hell Tony Dungy is pretty much his father figure now, but the fact is he was still convicted of a somewhat awful crime and this will go against Gene Smith’s philosophy.

In terms of football, there are three possible routes this could go at Jacksonville. Vick is a great athlete and could be added to the receiving corps which, as it stands now, is Torry Holt and a bunch of children. Or secondly, he could steadily regain his feel of football and the playbook by sitting as back up to Garrard. And thirdly, and most unlikely, he could be brought in to join the running ranks in a form of some Wild Cat apparition.


Maurice Jones-Drew

I like the idea of combining the first two options, while the third is nothing more than a gimmick. Maurice Jones-Drew is best-of-the-league quality and he is square on number one running back. Bring in Vick and state him as a back up quarter back and experiment his dexterity with no pressure of proving it worthy. Problem with Matt Jones was that Jaguars expected, fully counted, on a former QB to become their leading receiver. It happened, but only because the rest of the receivers were awful, and so was Jones. There is also the question of what Michael Vick wants to do, although he is not in much of a position to bargain, his preferences in football will come in to play with in the offers he gets.

For the Jaguars, there is no pressure on Vick creating results, taking the chance to sign him only has the possibility of reaping astounding benefits, and if not worst case he is second QB. What’s wrong with that?

Also check out ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky on why Vick won’t go to the Jaguars.


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