Engineering Look Inside The New Playstation 3 Slim

An engineering, aesthetic and technical marvel this little beast is. The Playstation 3 is an immensely capable media-gaming-computing hybrid, statistically it is incredibly impressive so it was no surprise seeing it all delivered in a huge and hefty box like it previously was. This new redesign, three years down the road, is an excellent example of engineers refining and repackaging a very powerful device in to a smaller and critically, considerably, cheaper unit. The PS3 originally sold for $600, this new PS3 Slim, with a 120GB hard drive, will cost you $299. iPod Touch can suck it.

Take a look inside, courtesy of the folks at, who carried out a marvelous piece by piece “teardown” of the new Sony Playstation 3 Slim. I am blown away to be honest, they spared no expense with the execution of the design and the quality of the parts…

I highly advise taking a peak through it right here:

Here some of the pictures from their examination:


2 Responses to “Engineering Look Inside The New Playstation 3 Slim”

  1. Playstation 3 Slim Says:

    I just picked up my PS3 Slim today, locally…I was honestly wondering if Sony got the hint from the slow trickle of PS3s in the past…all I could think of were long lines and striking out at local stores…but, to my surprise, there were roughly 30 units in a locked cage where I purchased it. My first PS3(80 gig, Motorstorm package), which I purchased a YEAR ago has since given up on playing blu-ray discs, much to my dismay. Real bummer as I have had a stack of blu-rays I hadn’t even watched yet, so I am sure you can imagine the disgust and outrage, especially since I bought the 80 gig online…so, here I am, with my Slim 120 gig, hoping for the best. I hooked it up to my 46″ Sony “Z” series Bravia LCD, and kept my fingers crossed. Still looking as amazing as ever, I breathed a sigh of relief, and put in a disc…no problems what-so-ever. Of course, it’s only been a few hours, and I have already watched about 75% of “The Venture Brothers” season 3, and I am hoping I don’t have to take back all the wonderful things I have said of Sony products in the past. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for everyone out there, including myself, and I’ll buy more blu-ray discs…hpefully not to be continued…

  2. toonstar Says:

    Aa friend, thanks for the comment. And I quite understand your dismay, I would be livid if my PS3 died on me like that because I use it for a lot of Blu-Ray movies as well. I know I haven’t been through that, but to be honest its encouraging that what happened to you happens very rarely, you know? Nothing is perfect, but Sony products are just brilliant in quality. My Sony Ericcson phone is rock solid, it’s been lodged against walls and curbs and still works perfectly. TV’s around my family house and here work flawlessly (save one that fell out of at truck during moving), with one of them dating back to the 1970s. Sound systems and so on, a VAIO laptop and BRAVIA TV are next on my list. Unfortunately, those TV’s aren’t exactly affordable on a student budget so I had to settle for a Samsung LCD. (Also quite a great company considering their prices, I admire them).

    Best of luck with the Slim, its a refined and improved design and just like with the redesigned, redeveloped PS2’s later in the last generation, I expect this device will run perfectly well for a long, long time.

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