Toon’s Review – Killzone 2 (PS3) – 8/10

Killzone 2 is the follow-up to the moderately succesful Killzone on the Playstation 2, hyped for its “best-ever” graphics, this game really does fail to deliver on the hype. It’s a great game, but nothing special, definitely nothing that looks it took 4 years to make. The story is a World War 2 hybrid set in a future where humans have colonized far reaches of space, bla “>bla bla bla.

Graphics – 8 / 10

What! 8/10!? This game is known solely for its immense graphics, however I’d tack off a few points for the lack of variation. What it does, it does exceptionally well, the characters, the environments, the action and especially the weapons feel incredibly powerful and heavy in your virtual hands. However past your iron sights it’s a desert of greys and browns that dulls your inner core. This engine deserves to be used with some colour.

Audio & Video – 6/10

Voice acting is a little conspicuous, along dreadful lyp syncs that seem to be straight out of a badly buffered video. The video has the fortune of being executed along a very good looking engine, however the cut scenes fail to inspire any epic moments. Either its horrible directing, or there’s just nothing really epic about whats going on in the story. (Apart from a nice looking nuclear explosion).

Gameplay – 9 / 10

What it does, it does well. The mechanics of Killzone 2 are stunning, the weapons feel real, the head shots satisfying, the shotgun dismemberment utterly grin inducing and the intelligence of your enemies is the toughest you have ever faced. That is if you play the game on “Hard” difficulty, enemies will flank you and draw you out with grenades, the semantics of the game require you to be ever vigilante with your cover-and-shoot gameplay, punishing you severely should you dare to run and gun. In this sense Killzone 2 is slightly lost in translation, imagine your favourite World War shooter bred with a hybrid of Half-Life, and you’ll be close to understanding the feel of this quasi-sci-fi shooter.

Longevity – 9 / 10

The mechanics of Killzone 2 are its strength, rather than its graphics. The campaign is surprisingly short, and rather dis-satisfying. The multiplayer on the other hand is just brilliant. The fundamentals of the shooter are applied well here, with a game so finely balanced in a class-based system, its immensely entertaining working through each type of character. The games can get rather chaotic with 32 players on a map, this is where working in units comes in to handy. With the flick of a few buttons, you’ll be in a squad with friends of your choice, allowing you to spawn and work off each other’s strengths. This, and many other neat little inventions make this a ground-breaking multiplayer game, that rewards experience in attacking and defending with your team equally. As I’ve stated before, the fundamentals just work great here, now if only we can get a map in the jungle, and one that’s not brown or grey.

Final Thoughts

If graphics were a chick, this game would be Uma Thurman. It’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen but you don’t really know why. Killzone is fun to play and very smart/challenging to fight against on the hardest difficulty, but apart from being pretty to look at, it really doesn’t push the boundary on anything else. That’s not a complaint, however. Solid game.

Overall: 8/10


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