Toon’s Review – InFAMOUS (PS3) – 9/10

inFAMOUS is an open-world, sandbox, action, adventure, platforming game that puts you in the shoes of a young superhero named Cole. Discovering new powers gained through a horrible accident, you begin your journey of self-discovery, completely placing the hero’s (or villain’s) destiny in your own hands. Excellent story with multiple arcs, and action that combines the best of many genres, in to one tidy and very fun package. The demo is available on the PSN store, check it out, after which the full game will be patiently waiting your attention.

inFAMOUS for the PS3

inFAMOUS for the PS3

Graphics – 8 / 10

It’s easy to perceive graphics at a very aesthetic level, but there is so much more to it and inFAMOUS exemplifies this. The models and characters may not be that astounding, but the draw distance, the clarity and ability to possess so much action on-screen at the same time give the graphics of this game a level of profound depth. Simply put, it may not look that pretty, but it throws so much at you that it’s understandable, if not admirable. In “sandbox” titles, this is very important to the overall feeling of being in an open and fluid world, inFAMOUS succeeds at this. 

Audio & Video – 8/10

Nothing groundbreaking in audio or video quality, it sounds good and looks good. In game cut scenes are somewhat awkward due to the open world type graphics, (they weren’t that great in GTA 4 either). Where inFAMOUS deserves credit is in its presentation. Game’s like Uncharted have an immensely adventurous suave to it, Killzone 2 delivers exceptional grit, on this basis inFAMOUS delivers a true comic book experience if it was ever possible. This game has so much personality to it, the way the story is presented really involves the gamer in to the narrative of our hero. Beautifully drawn comic book panels cover every progression of the story, something that works so well with the overall feel of the game. I can’t point my finger at it directly, but there’s just something about this game which feels right.

 Gameplay – 9 / 10

Keeping on the whole comic book personality angle, the gameplay of inFAMOUS truly empowers the gamer. With all these abilities, the earnest in placed in your hands on how you wish to use them. Personal gain? Gaining more and more power? It certainly feels good, however it comes with the drawback of making your abilities immensely catastrophic to the environment around you. This collateral damage is represented well through a Karma system, which tracks how Good/Evil you are with the use of your super powers. Very interesting, it plays a significant role in how your weapons work and also on how the story plays out…

Sandbox games possess the risk of becoming incredibly repetitive, I felt that GTA 4 suffered from this fate to some degree, sure the story was great but playing the game was fantastically boring. inFAMOUS is not only has a great story, but is also very fun to play. The missions are entertaining (for the most part), with some giving you creative ways to exercise your powers, whilst others contained healthy doses of platforming and exploration. All the buildings around the environment are completely accessibly, your characters superpowers allowing him to scale buildings like Spiderman, hover between rooftops like Batman, and grind across railway tracks and power lines at incredible speeds like,

Longevity – 10 / 10

The key karma gameplay system leads nicely on to longevity, giving the game two completely different ways to play through. Being good or evil critically feel different, and certainly gives gamers the incentive to play through again. I’m not much of a trophy addict, but inFAMOUS had me yearning for that Platinum. I’m not sure why, maybe because all the missions are just fun to play through. Unlocking all the powers soon becomes an addiction. Exploring the city searching for power-ups sometimes felt more pertinent than continuing the mission. It was all these little things, that make you want to play the game day after day, it’s these kind of things that make you feel happy that you spent $60 on something that will keep you busy for a month, easily. Great game, buy it. Now.

Final Thoughts

“This is the kind of fun Grand Theft Auto 4 didn’t deliver, great action, unique style, sharp comic-book-esque story, entertaining characters and the ability to summon a massive lightning storm, what else do you want from a game?”

Overall: 9/ 10





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