Toon’s Review: Avatar – 5/10

I’ll be brief, our time is precious but that concept must be gibberish to James Cameron who has spent six years making a special effects fiasco and left about six days to write a script. When they could not put together enough worth-while dialogue, they thought they might as well fill the rest of the movie with chimpanzee war cries and moaning.

I should put a caption here.

If you think about it, not a whole lot happens in three hours. The story has been done before, the characters have been done before, and done better. Political puns are littered all over the place, completely out of place. All the action, running through forests being chased by a monster, flying around mountains being chased by a monster, the hero’s speech, to the “big war” at the end are utterly underwhelming. These situations have that “been there, done that” feeling long ago all over them… Just because the people are blue and the animals are all sorts of stupid shapes doesn’t make it original or good for that matter.

Aslam out.

Note: 3D is retarded, it blurs and distracts the eye and darkens the picture and after two minutes you won’t even notice it.


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