Toon’s Review: Sherlock Holmes – 8.5/10

Robert Downey Jr. as ‘Sherlock Holmes’

I was born for movies like this. Well, no. But this movie is fantastic, Guy Ritchie ( director of “Lock, Stock…” and “Snatch”) paints his impeccable style all over the screen. He places the viewer in a very authentic yet stylistic Victorian era England and lets Robert Downey Jr. go buck wild with the infamous character of ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

It’s no secret by now, Robert Downey Jr. is the shit. And suffice to say, he makes this movie his geisha and hammers it home to China with another witty and memorable performance. Jude Law plays a cool Dr. Watson and the two heroes develop a great tit-for-tat chemistry on screen instantly. The story at times does seem to take devious mystical turns on itself, but before the audience gets lost, Sherlock Holmes intervenes with his deterministic detective insights to set things right.

The movie is filled with sharp one-liners, explosive set pieces and such a bloody fantastic soundtrack, that as a whole make this an extremely entertaining movie. And the first of many ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movies to come I assure you, bring it on Professor Moriarty.


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