Toon’s Review: Vicky Christina Barcelona – 5/10

I was enjoying the movie whilst I was watching, yet as it approached its incandescent conclusion, I felt a slight dissatisfaction. As if, the experience was somewhat a waste of my time, as if on the other side of it I am none the brighter or further enlightened in life.Vicky is a sensible woman about to get married and looking forward to the stability she has wanted all her life, Christina is the opposite of her best friend Vicky, and knows what she doesn’t want in life. They come to Barcelona and meet Juan Antonio, with such an exciting name how could the man not be so bloody exciting and all things Spanish and artsy and out-there. The movie goes through paces, of people falling in and out of lust, people not wanting what they want, people getting what they want, but at the end none of them get what they want, and the movie ends with nobody learning anything what so ever.

So, seemingly this movie was like a relationship, that started off exciting with all parties engaged on some common purpose of finding love and satisfaction all in one, or two. Yet after all was said and done, and the sensibilities and correctness of living a survivable life hit Vicky and Christina. Soon enough, we, like them, could not wait to be done with Barcelona. Go ahead and watch the interesting ride of Vicky Christina Barcelona, if you are a Christina. If  you are a Vicky, don’t bother.

Vicky and Christina

Mr. Barcelona


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