Toon’s Top 5 – My Favourite Scenes

Let me first apologize, I wasn’t able to find clips of all the scenes I mention below even though I searched high and low, Youtube isn’t all the great.

1. The Best Speech

This verbiage most valiantly veers to only one visage of perfected veracity.  I vivify no other vicissitude save this…

Honourable Mentions: Allen’s “Wolf Pack” speech from ‘The Hangover’, Aragorn’s speech at the Black Gate from ‘Lord of the Rings’, and copious amounts of lines from ‘300’.

2. The Best Fight Scene

It’s an injustice to select one, there have been far too many brilliantly orchestrated ballets of perfection. It’s an injustice to even select just one scene from the Matrix trilogy, each battle, each scene is poignantly proportional to the stakes it presents. Fight for fight the scale increases as Neo expands his understanding of the Matrix through the first film. By the second, and my choice of the scene that carried the most powerful impact, Neo possesses such a suave and brilliant confidence over his enemies. Rob Dougan’s soundtrack beautifully, yet briefly, captures Neo stride for stride as he dances and hammers his opponents with such supreme power.

(If I had my way I would make you swear to watch this in its HD version, such excellence the quality does indeed present.)

Honourable Mentions: The incredible film capture of ‘300’, the final fight of Ozymandias vs Night Owl & Rorschach from ‘Watchmen’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ battle on the grass grounds with the Sonic Weapons and military.

3. The Best Romantic Scene

This, something like this, clearly doesn’t mean much out of context. The situation, how it may or may not resonate with your experiences, pertains completely to all the emotional gravitas any scene from any film may ever present to you. With that word of caution, here’s my favourite…

Honourable Mention: Peter Parker throwing away Mary Jane’s love at the end of ‘Spiderman’, I want to say the end of Titanic, but I really don’t like James Cameron.

4. The Best Soundtrack Scene(s)

This has to be a series of videos, from one of my utmost favourite movies. One of the most perfectly acted, beautifully cut movies I have ever seen, ‘Collateral’.

5. The Best Moment in Film

The number one here is clear, and very few moments of movie magic come close. Steven Spielberg is a pioneer filmmaker, and I know seeing it as so will hardly have the same effect it did on me 1993 sitting in a rugged Pakistani film theater, but the sentiment is there… The first time Dr. Alan Grant walks on the green pastures of ‘Jurassic Park’ to look up and see a massive and magnificent Brachiosaurus… it was unreal how real it was. Amazing.

Honourable Mention: The first transformation of Optimus Prime in ‘Transformers’, entire cinematography of ‘Seabiscuit’, the war scenes of ‘The Lord of the Rings’.


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