Toon’s Review: The Hurt Locker – 9/10

Every now and then, you see these films that leave a lasting impression on you. Either it’s a devastating scene, a memorable song or maybe a powerful line that you will forever remember. ‘The Hurt Locker’ contains spades of each, Katheryn  Bigelow’s direction produces some of the finest most raw moments in film I have seen in a long time.’The Hurt Locker’ is simply an exceptional film, worthy of contemplation over the scenes of war it portrays.

Believe those quotations.

This film stretches a brief period of time in the Iraq war, following three members of an elite bomb squad through their motions. Literally a day by day renunciation of these soldiers, we see them experience such catastrophe, such pure warfare and the toll it takes on their minds. This movie though, is just so much more than that. Every character, acted brilliantly, directed brilliantly, faces so many challenges every day and never has it been captured so authentically.

I love how real this film feels, the sound direction is epic and so poignant, every bullet carries so much weight. The explosions are captured with such a phenomenal intensity, the almost too real writing of this film added a level of suspense you barely see in films anymore. Simply, it’s a great movie experience when the fate of every character is questionable as every minute passes. I can’t begin to commend how well Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty carry the three lead roles.

This film, it doesn’t try to be dramatic by throwing a melodramatic story out there. A villain that must be caught, a dame that must be rescued or a mission that is imperative to the success of the war. In fact, there really is no story, no bad guy to catch and no heart stopping epic battle to save the war. This film, all it is, is a set of situations, exposure to experiences that change and grow the character of our protagonists. Through this, I feel this film captures one of the most brilliant renditions of war on film. It’s a series of skirmishes, especially this war, this urban war that has taken over Iraq, there is no one bad guy, there is no one key that will turn the tide of the war, it is the definition of ongoing, it has taken its toll, dare I say millions, of lives, and its not going to end.

Although I do have one significant criticism, I’ll say that this film only conveys the evil on one side of the war, whereas a film like ‘The Kingdom’ was just fantastic in showing a sense of wrong on both sides. But for what it is, a capture of war, this film, it will put you in awe of the power man’s weapons’ possess, and it will show you what war will do to a man, and it will make you feel a genuine sense of pain for what’s happening out there.

Such brilliant cinematography


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