Fringe – Why It’s The Best Show on Television.

Fringe is by far the greatest show on television right now. I am a big believer in characters, and the leading trio of ‘Fringe’ present intriguing personalities brought to life by a set of brilliant actors (John Noble, Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson). The show brings to the viewers a unique science fiction story with superlative drama overtones and severe human conflicts. Its main premise revolves around a gifted F.B.I. agent working with a ‘Fringe Science’ division, investigating strange incidents occurring around the world. The events are connected, to an overarching story concerning a world where two universes exist side to side, and the hunt of technology trying to sever the barrier between the two.

It may sound absurd, like any good science fiction story. However what takes ‘Fringe’ to another level is the human conflicts it creates within its framework. A world where there is more than one of everything, a world where a scientist who lost his son to cancer could crossover to the other side and steal him from a world in which he hasn’t died, yet.

The intensity of ‘Fringe’ makes the drama between Jack and Locke in ‘Lost’, look like a Simon and Garfunkle argument. This show is patient, it spends episodes on end to simply provide depth to its many superb characters.  Scenes that carry no weight to the overall story are simply fascinating to watch in ‘Fringe’, as they continually serve to evolve the characters and their conflicts. Ultimately this all serves to bond you to the greater science fiction story at play, and the stakes that each character has invested. It provides emotional weight to the episodes that delve in to fascinating paranormal situations, and it is this critical connection that makes science fiction an absolutely wonderful experience.

That my imaginative readers, is what you call great television.


One Response to “Fringe – Why It’s The Best Show on Television.”

  1. Dram Says:

    I agree. Fringe is one of if not the best show currently on television. It is certainly the best show that Abrams has produced to date. Other writers should be studying this show and learning from how it is being made, written, directed and produced.

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