Toon’s Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox – 9/10

I just want to whistle, snap my tongue and click my fingers and wink at every concoction of creation I see. What a fantastic little story this was. Witty to the bone, cute to the hip and sharp as a cucumber, there is no iota of excellence this movie doesn’t touch upon. First and foremost I must commend the wonderful piece of Roald Dahl literature that this little film is based on, it is one of his many great little stories from ‘The BFG’ to ‘Matilda’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. In essence, like many of his books, ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ is a naturalistic story about wild animals with civilities and struggles, needs and wants surrounded in a story of disaster and heroism. Dotted with such wonderful characters from a subtly cross dressing and misunderstood child-fox to the politest possum and a badger lawyer with profound expertise with explosives. This above all else makes this movie and story about a Fantastic Mr.Fox who just wants to steal some chickens, all so simple and enjoyable.

Wonderful little people, the lot of 'em.

The soundtrack is wonderfully eclectic, upbeat and comedic to get the viewer involved in every dashing situation. Excellent is Wes Anderson’s direction and creativity, to bring these stop-motion fur-filled little toys to life and with such heartfelt charisma and talent. I am sure the amazing voice acting of George Clooney, Bill Murray and Meryl Streep certainly contributed, none the less it was just surprisingly well made stuff all round.

I am just astounded with compliments for this movie, it’s one of those things you know, you don’t really expect anything at all, only to come out on the other side so genuinely enlightened and amused. Gah, what a wonderful experience, I want to rewind to 10:00 pm with my wonderful little dinner on my table and press play on this wonderful little film again with all these little animals and their delinquent little hand motions and silly little whistles and finger clicks and honestly laden insults and dashingly descriptive smiles. You’re suppose to be *my* lab partner. I am! No you’re not, you’re disloyal.

The too polite possum Kylie and Mr. Fox